Royal City Sabotage

Well, it’s official. I’m a resident of New Westminster BC.

It doesn’t feel like home, but that always takes time. I think the pup is having a pretty hard time with new surroundings. There is a lot of different sounds that comes with living in an apartment. While I’ve already learned to ignore the rattle of CN Rail trains, he still jumps and cowers when they blast their horns.

0006cIt’s extremely soothing living in an apartment again. I’ve always been a fan of city noise. It makes me feel like a smaller piece of something a lot bigger. Like I could disappear into the shear crowds around me. I hold an odd opinion when it comes to that. I like to feel like my everyday life doesn’t matter to anyone around me, except for my loved ones of course. When you live in a more suburban area, like the place I just left, every stares… everyone seems to care what you’re up to.

I’m really excited to explore my neighbourhood. I’ve done the Columbia route on numerous occasions, but I’ve yet to see any other area of the city. There’s a half decent mall a few blocks away from my house. Multiple large parks for the pup (and even a fully enclosed dog park), and countless pretty streets to stroll. If you head in one direction from my apartment you are greeted with an abundance of city life (bars, apartment towers, markets, shops), but if you head the other way you find yourself in one of the cutest and most comfortable residential zones you’ve ever seen.

New Westminster Aerial Panorama

Saturday was a little tough. The morning (the move) was extremely long and hard. I was lucky enough that my brother and dad offered to help me out. My step-mom even showed up to help clean and move the last load. Once it was all said and done, I sat on my couch soaked in sweat. Every inch of me aching. I found myself humbled by where my life had come. I felt more alone than I had in a while. The whole week leading to the move has been a brutal trial of my strength and heart. So now that it was all over with, I guess it made sense that I was hit with a wall of feels.

facebook_friend_request_mousepad-p144010955312122238trak_400I found myself in dire need of friends, but it turned out that Saturday was an extremely busy day for all those I know. I sent a lot of texts out looking for a tiny fraction of attention and got none in return. I could have been saddened by this, but I need to be dependant on my new home for inspirational happiness. Then I realized that my loneliness was trivial, and I should try to be there for my friend. My sidekick was having one of the worst starts to the weekend, one in which I could never wish upon my worst enemy. Knowing that my strength and love for them would keep the heart warm in their tearful day, I still felt the need to make sure all was still hopeful.

Long story short, it seemed I was the last person they wanted to talk to. It kind of hurt my feelings. Through me for a loop. One day, I inspire the desires to be better, and the next I’m not needed at all. So I spent the weekend in solitude of sorts. Not doing too much unpacking, instead some heavy reflection. I would have liked to get some writing done while I sat there pondering, but most of it was drivel and at least half of it was unintentionally dark.

I absolutely love my new apartment. The entire area excites me. I’ll upload some real pictures once I’ve got more crap in place.


“Gentlemen, you can’t fight in here! This is the War Room!” – Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb


Nominated Writer & Award-Winning Cynic. Wyatt Lives on the West Coast of Canada and is the founder of ForFoxes. He be found on twitter at @w_fossett

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